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Chef's Table

Ayesha Pakravan-Ovey BEM, is a phenomenal chef combining her love of travel and cooking bringing to life some deep and rich flavours from all over the world. She hosts supper clubs throughout the year where you are exposed to the culinary delights of a truly global menu. 

More than meets the eye with Ayesha. A true lover of all things culinary, she is not just someone that hosts incredible dinner parties (I had the good fortune of trying one of her menus) but someone who has a philanthropic side. During lockdown she was at the helm of a large scale food operation and founded the company The Plattery and Vital Meals, in London. She cooked and delivered a huge amount of meals, roughly 20,000, to those in need, whether stuck at home unwell or vulnerable members of the public who were unable to step foot outside. For her work she was awarded the Order of the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Queen's honours list in 2021.

Her next adventure in in full swing as she headed down to France in the summer of 2022, to then carry on to Africa to learn more about foreign cuisine and to bring those flavours back to London in the future, so watch this space.

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