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Friday Night Lights

The Old Millhillians rugby team continue their charge towards yet another trophy, but this time the setting was in The Stone-X Stadium, home of the Saracens.

I can't lie, I was pretty excited to step onto the battleground where many Saracens players had fought other Premiership teams and more often than not, came out victors. However, this time it was the Old Millhillians that walk off the 5G turf with their heads high and with the 3 points.

Night shooting sport is one of the toughest styles to do. Night photography requires a wide open aperature, slower shutter speed to let all the light flood in to give you a half decent image. Sports photography relies on fast shutter speed, a shallower depth of field so not to miss out on the action with the opportunity to crop in post so ideally a lower ISO. So if you were to look for two totally opposite styles, in walk night time sports photography. Thankfully the trusted low light king, my Sony a7iii was up to the task.

I have watched rugby for years, and in my youth played a bit too. Now I capture it with camera in hand predicting particular plays is relatively easy. But with many sports you can't predict everything. There were times I was moving position to get a new angle and boom, I missed a big hit. What I did manage to capture was some of the atmosphere within the stadium and also put a bit more or an artistic twist on the generic sports photography images caught in mainstream channels.

A new sport, a new challenge and one I relished. I learned a lot and will continue to tweak with future shoots.

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