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Runner's High

GB Olympian and Scottish Commonwealth long distance runner, Steph Davis, just a couple of months from her debut at the Commonwealth games.

Steph will be the first to admit that she was, what is called, a fair-weather-runner, but having been told that she had a natural talent, she quickly started making a name for herself, and it wasn't long after she started marathon running that she was competing on the world stage at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Fast forward to May of 2022, and after a mutual friend put us in contact, she was in front of my camera. She effortlessly ran up and down the path (and patiently, I must add) at a speed most would consider a sprint - without breaking a sweat - while I snapped away.

I will be working with Steph throughout her come-back to full fitness. I am very much looking forward to our next shoot and watching her continue to thrive in preparation for her next races.

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