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Runner's High II

The second time I have had the pleasure of shooting Steph Davis and this time she brought a friend! A new location, and a new spec lead to some great new shots for her move to coaching full time.

Steph has taken the plunge and said goodbye to her career in finance and stepped up to become a full time running coach. She called on me once again to help with some new photos she can use for her website as well as her social media platforms. Steph has continued her recovery having had to reluctantly bow out of the Commonwealth Games in 2022. The spec for this shoot was much of what we did before but with a few more in true motion shots. So with her training partner, Lucy, I hid behind trees and tried my best to capture her at her rawest, which is easier said than done as they are out of shot in a matter of seconds.

As well as the action shots, we did a few that can be used on her social media accounts allowing for varied in posts that might not be directly related to running itself.

Project Gallery

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