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The Night Before

Two very close friends of mine got hitched in Austin, Texas and I had the pleasure of photographing the goings on the day before; the rehearsal at the church and then then the evening drinks and dinner that followed.

As a street photographer I have trained my eyes to pick up on moments as they are happening or trying to predict when one is about to happen. However, I am not built for blending into the back ground, I'm six foot six, but my role for this particular shoot was to navigate the periphery of the garden encapsulating the happy moments that were in abundance during this huge moment in Sam and Mary Alice's lives.

I love shoots where I can be something of a wallflower, just meandering around, not directing people to do certain things, or move in certain ways. Just people being people. There is just something so incredibly rewarding when you do manage to capture a moment that can be relived over and over, not to mention, getting a shot of more than one person with no one blinking!

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