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The Race

One of the biggest and most infamous races in the rowing calendar, The Boat Race, displays some of the world's greatest and most accomplished rowers, not just university students.

As a lover of all sports, I really enjoy gettin stuck into shooting anything I can get in front of. Although not commissioned by any team, I wanted to get shots of the rowers that those who just spectate from the comfort of their own homes can't see. Now obviously I didn't get full access to the training rooms, or team chats, but I did get the non-rowing side to rowing. The crowds, the arrival of the rowers, the press conferences. This side of sport is so often overlooked and something I feel quite passionately about. Bringing to the forefront of sport the non-sport side. I start to delve into the human side of these athletes, that although each one is a finely tuned animal, they are also, when that is stripped away, like you and I.

Something that I will look to continue is exploring this angle of sport and whenever an opportunity arises I will jump at it and bring to light the human aspect to elite level sport.

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