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In 2012, I bought my first DSLR camera.


My grandparents were getting older, my cousins were fast approaching big life events like marriage and children and the only family photos we had were of my sister and me stark naked on the beach as toddlers - not good for the family album. On a crusade to ensure we had memories, I smashed open my piggy bank and cashed in my pocket money one Christmas and bought myself a bottom of the range Nikon. I fell in love with photography then and there. Simply put, I loved being able to capture a single moment in time that my family and I could revisit with just an image. 

A few years on, I found myself in the US, first for University and then later in New York for work. It was here that I developed my deep curiosity of street photography which led to the purchase of my first Fuji. As an unashamed people watcher, I found that having a camera in my hand (albeit while staring at strangers) made me less intimidating and unassuming, so my exploration of a city and its variety of inhabitants was born.

My years in New York came and went all too quickly and in 2018 I moved back to London to continue my career in banking. Like many others, the working day took over my life and before long I noticed I had lost touch with something that filled me with such joy - something that I had grown to be so fond of. So once again, I took to the streets, Fuji in hand. Exploring London, although the capital of the country I call home, was very much new territory for me. It was an adventure every time I stepped out of the door and before long the fire was well and truly reignited. New equipment purchased, I was armed ready to see what treasures awaited. 


It is now, not without some pushes from my supportive and encouraging friends, that I am sharing my passion with you. 


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